Garfield Park Conservatory

All of this snow here has me reminiscing back to that one sunny day we had back in February. I took advantage of the warm weather and headed off to Garfield Park Conservatory. It’s the ultimate oasis for any Midwest dweller. So what’s there to do at this so-called oasis? Well, keep reading!

IMG_1445 (2)

Here’s a look inside the conservatory itself. It’s full of hundreds of different tropical plants – a tropical paradise. Admission is only $2, and you can come and go as you please. The inside includes an assortment of plants and flowers, fish and other aquatic creatures, a waterfall, and plenty of benches to sit on to just enjoy the atmosphere. I would have stayed in there the whole time, but there’s more to see outdoors!

IMG_1447 (2)

Right outside the conservatory you can find The Sunken Gardens. Sadly, the day I visited was not the best day to take in the gardens. Now, I can’t complain too much because it was a nice day for February, but I can only imagine that the garden is 100 times prettier in the spring/summer time. Still, it was a nice site to see. The three acres of The Sunken Garden comprises of traditional European style gardens: plants, walkways, and fountains.

The Sunken Garden is not the only thing to see outside. This park stretches far past it’s gardens and into some trails and playgrounds. It’s a perfect spot for any family outing, a picnic date, or even just walking your dog. I want to motivate you all to go outdoors, so if you’re ever in the mood, get out there! Spend the day there; you wont regret it. Often times they even some kind of show or event taking place. If you want to know more visit their page here.

IMG_1441 (2)

Okay, so I will definitely be going back here! I can’t wait to see the fresh summer blooms in The Sunken Garden. I hope to see all of you out there! Thanks for reading. Goodbye for now.


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